Friday, 31 December 2010

Goodbye 2010

Well another year is over and I must say that one went fast! I am not going to bother examining the year that has gone because I never do that(I am going to try harder at keeping a photo diary of the year though in 2011).

My highlight was definitely getting married and going into 2011 with a healthy family and a wonderful husband is all I need.

What I need tonight though is something to help me see in the new year as I will be all alone :( hubby is working and I am left to fend for myself...Oh dear! 

Here are my companions for the evening...

But of course friends are always better when they all mix together and get along...

ice...pour all your favourite friends over

Taste test

hmmmm yummy yep, yep!


Hope your 2011 is AWESOME filled with love, friendship, happiness and good health :)

Emma xxx

Monday, 27 December 2010

December Delights

December, a month filled with such an array of emotions, activities, pressures, memories and much more than I could ever describe on a simple blog. For our family December is the month of celebration, with many, many Birthdays and one most important one it is a month that could never pass without Joy, Fun, Laughter, Tears, headaches and seriously empty purses! Now that Christmas day has passed I intend to relax for the next few weeks, take in all that has gone on, enjoy the last few days of the ending year and look forward to the coming one. Before I do though I would like to share with you all a little of Our December Delights :)

December gifts

December Birthdays and Parties :)

Christmas Day Tearing

Trying to get that perfect pic

So from all of us here in the Land of Emma we hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and have the most amazing New Year xxx


Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Well I have been so busy like so many of you, only now have I forced myself to sit and say a quick hello and wish you all a VERY


I hope all my wonderful bloggy friends have a fabulous Christmas and I will be back to share soon, once all the wonderful delights are through.

Big hugs and loves
Emma, Dai and the Bugs :)

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Now if Only I Could Slow Down Time!!!

Yes that's right, I would like to slow down time for the next week, I am still a little overwhelmed at the amount of projects I still have to complete before I can devote all my time to Christmas and MY BIRTHDAY! Yes that's right it is my Birthday on Saturday and I am very excited as I am having a party :) It will have a Christmas theme, so I really want to have to time to get all my decorations up!!! So please Father Time can't you just take a long nap and add a few hours to each day???

Anyway enough of me moaning about what has not yet been achieved and concentrate on lots of lovely goings on this week...Firstly I LOVE a bug who enjoys their grub, especially when they are so cute in the process...

Last week I had a craving for American style pancakes and was not satisfied until we had all indulged...

MMMMMMMM Lovely syrups...

Middle bug likes his pancakes with lemon and sugar 

 Biggest Bug likes his with Sticky, sweet golden syrup!

Me? Well I LOVE a huge pile of maple syrup covered lovelies nom, nom, nom!

So that was random I know, I mean really? sharing my craving for pancakes and taking pics hehe! This blogging world is a little crazy if you ask me.

So littlest bug has been very entertaining lately and one little thing he is doing is hiding...EVERYWHERE!

This is a little cabinet I rescued from my friends trip to the tip. It needs a little love which I really wish I had time for but don't just yet. Ahhhh the time thing again you see!

And a little crochet...not for me but my first matinee jacket made just in time for a lovely little girl.

I am currently sat here crocheting snowflakes because a lady wanted 10 strings of 5!!! That is 50 snowflakes, I can tell you now I cannot wait for them to be finished and I will never again make snowflakes for anyone other than myself!!!

Can't wait to get my decorations up, I am going to spend all night completing orders for the next few days so I can prettify my home and share with you all, but until then  I will just enjoy all your lovely posts and gorgeousness xxx

Thursday, 9 December 2010

My Knit and Natter

My Knit and Natter is full of wonderful women who are always laughing, sharing and helping. No-one is ever left to struggle on their own. The group started a few months  ago and has got more and more popular as the months go on, and we are really hoping it continues.
I have been telling them about my blog and about all the wonderful bloggy friends I have made and they were all very keen to be mentioned lol. So here is a BIG SHOUT OUT to all of the wonderful ladies who attend the Kiosk Knit and Natter :)
Tracey 1
Tracey 2
and any who have momentarily slipped my mind lol!

Also a BIG SHOUT OUT to my wonderful new volunteer Amii, A wonderful, welcome addition to the madness...she fits right in with the crazies ;)

One All Time Fave...

I have for many years(since I can remember really) been a HUGE fan of the Muppets! I collected ALL the Muppet films on video. I have replaced nearly all my hundreds of videos with DVD's over the years. This year I remembered that a particular Muppets film is not on DVD yet, so click, clickity, click I go on amazon for 
A Muppets Family Christmas

I LOVE this film
Imagine my shock when I saw that it cost £33.99 and on someone wants over £100 for Region 1!
I think I am going to look after the VHS copy I have for now!
Here is a little snippet for those who have no clue what I am on about ;)

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum!
Du kannst mir sehr gefallen
Wie oft hat nicht zur weihnachtszeit
Ein Baum von dir mich hoch erfreut!
O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum!
Du kannst mir sehr gefallen!

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree
What happiness befalls me when oft
at joyous Christmas time
Your form inspires my song and rhyme.
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree
What happiness befalls me
I LOVE Christmas like most of us, I love the lights, the food, the fabulous feeling that surrounds us when we snuggle up in the warmth when howling winds beat at the windows threatening with their piercing drone. I love hot chocolates, fluffy slippers, mistletoe fragrance filling my home welcoming me in with its friends cinnamon and oranges.
I love the anticipation, the excitement, the smiles on all the childrens face as they wait for 'Him' to arrive. I love the reflection of glorious sparkles of light bouncing off the windows of the coffee shop. Sitting in said coffee shop watching all the shoppers busily wishing they had done more online in advance but are braving the winds and chill for that special 'something' or the latest 'must have'!
But above and beyond I love my Christmas Tree. My Christmas tree reminds me of everything Christmas represents in our home, Love, Family, Generosity, Peace, Beauty, Peace, Sparkle and Joy. Putting up the tree means we have started our little annual Christmas adventure.
When I was a child we had so very, very little especially at Christmas, in fact Christmases were usually so dismal in our home that I can never understand why I have grown up loving it so, so much. One of the things that I will never forget was our Christmas tree for several years. It was like something off a comedy film. It was so skinny, so bare so awful that I swore when I had my own home and children we would have a beautiful, large and overflowing Christmas tree.
I love decorating the tree too, I have spent many years buying bits and bobs, collecting all the childrens little makes and this year after getting my crafty act together I look forward to adding my own little touch. Don't you just love adding all the little beauties to the green branches.

The ones that...
... don't really match but you just have to have...

...are a bit ??? Why ??? but you smile and hang...

...your Grandma gave you... one could resist...

...make your heart skip every year...

...fill the spaces...

...the kids didn't follow the instructions properly...

...for them...

...for you...

...For all...

Friday, 3 December 2010

Before I relax...

I thought I would share with you a little something I put together today. The first part baking was done whilst I was in work, I planned on doing the whole thing there but I plan a lot of things!!! I really didn't have a lot of time to put his cake together and there were moments last night and this morning that this cake looked very doubtful. As you all know it was my Sons birthday t'other day and he had a cake, well 2 actually but his little get together with friends is tomorrow and he said he wanted his main cake for then. He asked for a minion from Despicable Me(I haven't seen this film but they have), so with a little time on google I came up with this...

 So what do you think? I wish I had more time but it has been one of those evenings that you really want to forget. I am pleased with him though all things considered. I hope my biggest bug loves him.

It is day 3 of the advent swap, I really didn't manage to grab 2 mins to take a pic of yesterdays parcel and as soon as I opened it, it was in my bag. A crocheted lip balm holder on a keyring!!! With a chapstick, cross stitched tissue case with tissues and lipstick holder. I LOVE them. Here is todays parcel...Well you can imagine my reaction...

This little lass will be sitting on my cabinet with all the rest of my cherished bears. Thank you Tina x

So after a busy as usual day/week I am pleased to say my lovely parcel arrived from Amazon and this means it is looking to be a very relaxing weekend, so I am off to start it. 
Big Hugs
Emma xxx

Thursday, 2 December 2010

The 1st x

The 1st of December is probably the busiest day in our year. It is certainly one of the most important days in our year and one the whole family looks forward too(even if I am truly, deeply honest one I get the biggest headaches on and sometimes sulk about by 12am on the 2nd!).

The 1st is the start of December for all of us, it is the start of the huge countdown to Christmas, the day we all think Arghhhh!!! Where is the time going? Why do I leave it this late every year? and have I got the advent calenders...where are they? No? Oh well that must just be me!

But the first holds special importance in our home as it is my Biggest bugs Birthday. My first born was born on the first of December. He is growing so fast. My Jacob is a wonderful, pleasant, kind, caring child. Who never really asks for anything and is happy as long as the people around him are happy(most of the time anyway!)
So happy Birthday Jake 9 years old xxx...

 this is Jacobs 2nd cake today as he took one to school, he will have another on Saturday for his Birthday treat today!

The first is the start of the busiest month of the year. In 16 days time it will be my youngest bugs Birthday, in 17 days time it will be my own big day and in 24 days time it will be the celebration of Jesus Christ...packed few weeks or what?
It is the day this year that I get to open my first package from the advent swap. I swapped with Tina and if this first gift is anything to go by I am kicking myself for what I sent. Tina I thought it was suppose to be one little pressie a day...

This is like 6 presents in 1!!! I love the little home made note cards and I really LOVE the crochet bookmark. Thank you so much Tina xxx
Oh and I think I will be sending something extra in the New Year!!! I am not liking the way this is going ;)

It is also the day we put up our Christmas tree(I was tempted to say decorations but that would be a lie as I never get further than the tree!!!)
It has become a family tradition that we do this and I have to say I kick myself every year. I am thinking that 30th November may have been a better choice and maybe next year I will change it(but as that will take a little organising it is doubtful!) I am too tired tonight to fight with the stupid camera that is refusing to take any decent pictures of my labour of love(you see how this has gone from we to I??? From Ours to my?) Plus I think such labour deserves it's own little blog to really appreciate the effort and time ;) But I will leave you with a little taster of what's to come

Big Hugs
Emma xxx